3D characters on TomoChain

Randomly generated with hundreds of distinct features, these 20,000 voxel characters come from TomoChain’s very first 3D NFT collection! Each TomoMee is provably unique, meaning no two TomoMee will look the same. All TomoMees are amazing, but some are rarer than others.


The NFT contract that governs ownership is an ERC-721 standard that can be used with any service or exchange that supports it.

Early birds get the best deals!

The mint price for each of the initial 10,000 TomoMees will be 2 TOMO. Once the first 10,000 are sold out, the price will go up to 3 TOMO each. Be the first ones to get the best TomoMees bargain!

The first 3D NFT collection on the TomoChain network

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, connect your Metamask wallet to our website, it will automatically switch to TomoChain network. Get TOMO via an exchange and send to your TOMO address on MetaMask. Click the "Mint One" button, confirm the cost and gas and you're done!. For the step-by-step guide, check out our Medium article

The collection was minted using an ERC-721 contract, a standard for most NFT collection. Metadata is stored on Arweave.

TomoChain is extremely fast and cheap, with an average confirmation time of just 2 seconds and a gas cost of 0.00003 TOMO for minting, buying and transfering TomoMees!

After minting, you can click on My TomoMees button to see your TomoMees. You can also see all the TomoMees in the collection on the Gallery tab.

We are working on a Marketplace and it will go live soon!

If an error occurs, contact us with the transaction links and we will be able to fully inspect what happened. For any questions or issues related, you can contact us via Twitter or at support@tomomees.com

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